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Preet says--"John, you are the best coach one can ever have training for driving. You totally understand the psychology of a new driver. Along with your theory concepts, you know how to calm the driver's mind with your instructions and have him/her in a good confident state of mind which is crucial for driving. One feels confident and safe driving with you and more important certainly becomes a better driver overall. I can't thank you enough for this.


Orrin only got 2 checkmarks on his road test. The best result ever to date! Orrin says--- the instructor has been a really big help to me on getting me through this. I want to thank him for helping me and believing in me. I've never been so happy in my life. This is all thanks to him.

The instructor has been a really good teacher. He has been able to drill the requirements of the road test into my head. Thus I was able to pass the road test on the first time, all thanks to the teachings of the instructor. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is planning on taking the road test. His encouragement, understanding, and motivation makes him the ideal instructor. .................... Kyle of Western Kentucky University


"The instructor was able to teach my sister in law more in 2 lessons than I had in 4 months. I was shocked at how well she seemed to suddenly be able to park and back up when I never could make any headway on those 2 things in particular. And what was even more important was her telling me that she wasn't scared to drive anymore! Thank You! Thank you again for the caring and compassion you showed Jejith. You literally helped change her life." ..... Judy Alford of Bowling Green.

Left to right... Judy, Jejith (Student), Judy's Husband

Hi... I'm Charles and I had a little trouble passing the Road Test but after the instructor trained me I passed. The instructor gave me lots of reference points I needed to do the parallel parking, the turnabout, and so on. I would recommend the instructor to anyone. .... Charles of Bowling Green



Molly said she couldn't have passed without the training. She passed on her first try!

Van says--- Mr John is very nice and patient teaching me how to drive. Helping me get my lisence!


"Fruit of The Loom" Executive

Paloma came all the way from Nashville.


The whole family was happy for her... Mom, Dad, and Brother was there too.

This guy wanted training in sled driving and flying reindeer mushing. Sorry, we don't train in magic.


Ashley says--- I'm so glad I took the time to start driving lessons. The instructor is great! He takes the time to answer questions and gives great tips you''ll use for the rest of your life. I've been working to get my lisence for 10 years and I finally passed the second time I took the test! I totally recommend!

Phillip is one of the best drivers we ever trained. He uses all of the lessons taught all the time. If everyone drove like Phillip the roads would be alot safer!!!


Olivia's Mom insisted on having John as her only instructor. She passed the test on her first try.


Allan says--- The instructor gave me reference points for paralell parking that were helpful.


Justin got a perfect score on his road test. No checkmarks!!! Yay.



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